Hat Day

This is Red Ribbon Week in the Clover Schools – and may be all over the world, I’m not sure.  Yesterday was Hat Day at Bethany Elementary, where Mallory & Clara go.  Since normally they can’t wear hats to school at all, this was a big thing for them, needless to say.  In fact, Clara wore hers all day yesterday, except when she was actually in dance class.  And she put it right back on as soon as she finished up & changed back into her street clothes!  We have about an hour & a half to kill after she’s done, before Mallory finishes her classes and we go meet Lindee for supper.  Clara does her homework, & I try to remember to take crayons & paper & a coloring book, and there are often times other younger siblings there for her to hang out with during that time.  Here she is doing her school reading to one of the much younger kids that she plays with.  Pretty cute.100_5920

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