Tuesday Pix

Another good day yesterday, except that Mason was sick, so he didn’t get to go on his field trip to the pumpkin patch that I was supposed to accompany him on.  But, that did give me time to be in Rock Hill when the Hospice Thrift Store opened, to get the few remaining clothing items I needed for Jeff to finish dressing the creatures on the Haunted Trail, and got back to church in time to help with the Nurture Luncheon there.  It was a great group of ladies working together in the kitchen, so everything went pretty smoothly, & it was all pretty much clean & back in order by the time I had to go get Mallory & Clara from school.  When we got back here, they made Vampire Doughnuts like their cousins had earlier.100_5914

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the girls were so excited that Jeff had the graveyard set up in the front yard, that as soon as they could get their homework finished up they headed straight outside to play zombie chase, & were not ready at all to come inside when it was time for them to head home.  I do love a beautiful fall day.100_5918

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