Playing for Empowerment

Monday night Lindee & I went to Mauney Memorial Library in Kings Mountain to attend a program called Playing for Empowerment:  Milltown Baseball During the Depression Era.  That was a little before the games Daddy used to talk about, but I was so glad Lindee heard about it, and it worked out for us to go.  Since she’d working in Kings Mountain she knew all the good places to eat, and we had wonderful pizza before we headed to the library.  The presenter was Robert Billinger, a professor at Wingate University on the other side of Charlotte.  He did such a good job.  This program is presented by the NC Arts Council, and he presents it all over the state, but changers it each place he goes so it pertains to the local mills and baseball team.  I guess he had looked at a list of who all had registered for the program, because he even mentioned the Clover teams.  So fun.

This was one of the pictures he had in the slide show, of the historical and deadly strike at the Loray Mills in Gaston County – again, concentrating on local mills, stars, and stories.  Just a very good program.

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