Christmas Break Adventure #3, Part 1

Yesterday Mallory, Clara, Meg, Little Hope, & I headed to Lancaster County, where our first stop was the Buford Massacre Battlefield.  I had heard of this for a long time, but had never been.  Yesterday we finally made it happen.  It was a very small battle, officially known as the Battle of the Waxhaws, but was such a brutal defeat – the Patriots tried to surrender to the much larger British force, but almost every man was slaughtered – very few escaped.  Word of the awful battle spread, though, and helped increase sentiment against the British.  This monument is one that was erected in 1955, I think it was, by the DAR, because the original monument was becoming unreadable.  This back of the monument reads, In order that all may continue to share the sentiments of that group of patriotic citizens of Lancaster County who erected a monument here on June 2, 1860, the inscriptions on this memorial are the same as those on the original monument.

From there we were off to eat lunch at Mariachis Mexican restaurant.  We loved how they had the guacamole & sour cream in this little shell 🙂

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