Rock Hill Fire Department Museum

Thursday Mason & I went with my dear friend Sherry and her grandson, Mason’s good friend Will to check out this place.  I had heard of it but never been.  It actually was too young for Mase & Will, but they managed to keep themselves occupied for an hour.  There was a small but very well done museum – Sherry & I loved the fact that this woman they were rescuing had her hair in rollers.  This fire engine #2 is the one a fireman was driving, and I can’t remember his name, back in the 1930’s when he had a fatal heart attack.  The other firemen managed to get control of the truck, but his death is the only one in Rock Hill by a firefighter in the line of duty.

The boys had a good time crawling through these dark tunnels, to teach them to stay low to the ground and that it may be very dark if they are ever caught in a fire.

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