American Museum of the House Cat

This past weekend my friend Charlotte and I went on our annual birthday trip, and spent a long weekend in the Bryson City, NC, area.  We had a great time – as always – and our first stop was the American Museum of the House Cat.  I love a museum of any kind, and Charlotte and I have found some very interesting ones on these annual adventures.  This one certainly was :-).  It was two rooms just filled with every single thing you could imagine about pet cats.  There were maybe a couple of tigers in there, but mostly every single display was of a house cat.  This is one of probably ten or twelve shelves he had just of wind up toys from over the years.  We were really lucky in that the owner was our tour guide, so it was very interesting – and he wound up a couple of toys for us.  Definitely something to see!

I really liked this shelf of cats. Their eyes followed you in every direction. I had seen that in flat paintings before, but never really in a statue that I can remember. It was a fun stop on our trip.

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