Chimney Rock

What a great day we had yesterday.  Jeff, Adam, & I headed out almost as soon as Adam got here for Chimney Rock.  That’s a place I’d been wanting to check off my bucket list for years, and yesterday we finally made it happen.  Great fun.  The elevator there had been out for probably three years, so I had psyched myself up to walk up the 499 stairs to get to the top of the rock, but when we got there we found out the elevator had been reopened just last Thursday.  Perfect timing!  You did have to walk up this one set of stairs to get to the very top of the rock – here are Jeff and Adam making their way up.

Since we didn’t have to climb all those stairs up to Chimney Rock, we decided to take the hike to the waterfalls. It was pretty rough, but the falls were so worth it. So pretty.

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