Earlier in the week Joe called & said he’d found a book when he was cleaning out his office that he thought Mallory might like.  She loves history, and is especially interested in anything that has to do with WWII.  He had a book that one of our clients had given him about D-Day.  This particular client, Joe Williams, was featured in the book.  Mal was so excited that someone from Clover was in there.  Here she is checking out that very page.

That day I also finished getting the pins in the map that Lindee and family gave me for Christmas for me to mark all the places we’d been on vacation. The only pin I haven’t put in is the one marking Washington, DC – I’m saving that for Mal or Charlie to put in the next time they’re over here, since we three spent this night together there with the Declaration of Independence :-).  I feel like we need to start traveling out west pretty soon 🙂

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