Yesterday was a pretty intense day for me.  It was my last day ever as an employee of Baird Engineering.  After 30 years Joe is going to just be working out of his house, so I cleaned out my desk drawers, cabinets, everything.  Now I’ve just got to get it all lugged into the house out of the back seat of the car!  When I was cleaning out my desk, I realized this cartoon, which I taped on there probably 20 years ago, is now permanently adhered to the top, so I just left it.  It still makes me laugh.

Then last night we headed to Adam’s church league ballgame. The game was so exciting – Adam scored the first two baskets for his team, then another one later in the game – that I did not get a single action shot of the game. All I had was this one of him getting some water at halftime. Ha.

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