Uncle John’s Visitation

We got back late last night – actually early this morning – from a quick 48 hour trip to Indiana, for the visitation and funeral for Jeff’s Uncle John.  Dennis came by & picked us up Sunday night about ten, & we drove all night to get there.  Went to breakfast with Jeff’s mom & dad, & then took a nap for a couple of hours before we headed up to Madison for visitation.  As always with a family funeral, it was sad and wonderful and emotional and beautiful.  We saw cousins that I hadn’t seen in ten years, I don’t think -and Jeff’s mom and her sisters saw a cousin they hadn’t seen in ***fifty*** years.

Aunt Mary, Marcelene, Aunt Butch, Cousin Joan

Aunt Mary, Marcelene, Aunt Butch, Cousin Joan

The people at the funeral home were so nice, as it always seems that they are, and they had fixed up this beautiful display of items Johnny had brought about Uncle John’s life: his fireman’s uniform and Knights of Columbus cape, awards that he’d won, and some of the beautiful flowers that folks had sent. The man you can see was one of the Knights of Columbus who was standing guard at the foot of the casket, as they did the entire evening during visitation. It was a lovely tribute to a great guy.untitled

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