Smith Family Christmas

Beautiful day yesterday, when we celebrated our Smith Family Christmas.  It was our turn to host, so we were at our church.  We started with brunch, and as always, it was delicious.  Here is one of the tables of folks eating and visiting:  from left are Boom Mike, Meg, Jeff, and Gary.

Opening presents. I was sitting next to Gran, and Mia and Daniel (and Clara) came up to help her open the present they gave her. They were so excited, especially Mia, who found out that included in the bag was a jar of apple butter she’d helped her mom make 🙂

There was a group photo session with Gran, of course.  Here is our crew:  on the floor are June, Adam, and Mason.  Seated are Charlie, Gran, and me.  And standing are Clara, Jackson, Addie, Lee, Lindee, Andrew, & Mallory.  Jeff had gone to get his motorcycle, and Jenny was home sleeping before she had to go to work last night.  It was a great day.

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