Golf Match

Yesterday I delivered some paperwork to Jeff’s lawyer in Charlotte, went by and ate lunch & visited for a while with Gran and Elise, and then headed back to Waterford to watch Mal & the Clover Blue Eagles take on powerhouse Northwestern.  Northwestern has so many golfers they field a jv team; Clover didn’t even have enough to have a girls’ team last year.  It was still fun to watch. Elise & her friend Brianna came to cheer her on, but had to leave before the match was over. I rode with Emma in her golf cart, and on this hole we pulled right up behind the tee box – I was sitting in the golf cart taking this picture.

Team shot after the match – Mal is right in the middle; Taylor, who she played with in this match, is on her right in the glasses; Alyssa, who is ranked #3 in the state, is on the other side of Taylor; Madison, who will be our senior next year, is on this end, and Ginger and Chloe, who are also middle schoolers, are between Mal and Coach Zack.   They are a good group of girls, it seems like, & seems like they have so much fun together

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