What a special day

Saturday was just good all day long.  Morning was the actual Festival of Tables event at church, and it was as lovely as always.  This one was called The Amen Table – you can maybe see the letters spelling out AMEN in the décor.  So pretty.

One thing I really loved about the Festival this year was how many of the chairs were also decorated. There have always been a few with covers, but this year it seemed like many more had them included as part of the theme, like these at the Pretty as a Peacock table. I loved it!

Came home to get a few things done around here, then we were off to Hope Riordan’s high school graduation. It was just the sweetest ceremony with all nineteen seniors at the little Lake Pointe Academy she attended. Then we came back here afterwards for the party. Lindee & Mallory make a quick dash over for just a little bit of the party between Mal’s recital performances, which meant a lot. Such a special day.

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