Rehearsal Dinner

Friday night we headed up to Mount Airy to check in the motel, and be at Cooper and Rachel’s rehearsal dinner that evening.  Elise went as my date, since Jeff stayed home to be here when the plumber came to replace our leaking hot water heater.  He rode up with Addie & the kids Saturday morning.  The rehearsal dinner was held at the same venue where the wedding was, and just could not have been nicer.  It was fun meeting and visiting with Cooper & Rach’s friends who were going to be in the wedding, and the emotions were already rising to the surface.  Especially when Zollie showed me this compass Rachel gave him.  Priceless.

Come Saturday, when Rachel joined the mix, this was our current conglomerate of Smith girls except for Diane, who stayed home with a sick Daniel: Olivia, Liz, Rachel the bride, Lesley, & Elise.

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