Smithsonian Museum of American History

Wednesday when we were on vacation we spent the entire day at the Museum of American History – Mallory’s #1 place she wanted to visit while we were in Washington.  Almost the first thing we saw were Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz – one of the things she most wanted to see.  When her friend Lacy Emma was in Washington a year or so ago, the slippers were out on loan, so we didn’t know if we’d see them or not.  This was an exciting discovery for us 🙂get-attachment


One of my favorite displays at the museum was the hall that included items from the 1960’s.  It was just so much the story of my childhood that I loved every thing about it.  All around on the floor were newspaper headlines from those decades – man on the moon, Viet Nam, Kennedy assassinations.  This was my favorite.get-attachment

Clara’s #1 thing she wanted to do while we were in Washington was see President Obama :-).  That didn’t work out for us, but she was pretty fired up about getting to have her picture made with the dress that Mrs. Obama wore to the second inauguration.  Another special vacation day for us all the way around…untitled

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