Storm Trooper Parade

Wednesday we – Jeff, Adam, Elise, & I – spent the day at Hollywood Studios.  A lot of it is dedicated to Star Wars, or maybe it just seemed that way to me, because that’s mostly what Adam wanted to see.  Monday when he was sick his dad had posted a video of the storm trooper parade, and Adam talked about seeing it all day until we finally got there at the right time.  Before the show/parade even started, the storm troopers came out to sort of harass people in the crowd.  Of course I’d already put my phone away when they came up to Adam, but it was great 🙂

The guy who was working there told us exactly where to stand to have the best view of both the parade and the show, and sure enough, we were pretty much front and center. We were so close I could barely get Adam in the picture, taking a picture of the storm troopers. Such fun.

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