Our Busy Saturday

What a fun, busy day Adam & I had yesterday.  He came and spent the night Friday night.  It was just the two of us because Jeff was off to Tennessee to his college tennis team’s annual reunion.  We are hotdogs and watched America’s Got Talent – Adam is definitely a fan – and then Saturday morning we just got up & got ready, and hit the road for Atlanta.  First stop was the Fernbank Science Center.  I had originally planned to go downtown to Centennial Park, but it was just too hot – we had to find something inside.  It was a perfect place for us to spend a few hours.  The planetarium show was about the International Space Station, and while as always, I dozed through part of it, Adam loved it.  The dinosaur exhibit, about what kinds of dinosaurs paleontologists think actually roamed the ground where we were standing, was very interesting.  This is a cast of the largest t-rex skull fossil every found (in Montana 🙂 ).  The original is in New York – Adam & I decided we hoped to go see it someday.IMG_20160723_131755

The actual reason for our trip south was to attend the party to celebrate Lynleigh Rose McWhorter’s adoption being finalized.  Unfortunately it started absolutely pouring down rain as we were getting close to their house, but the party was still great fun.  The theme was Family Forever, and they found these perfect Frozen napkins to use for the festivities :-).  Unfortunately, this is one of the few pictures I took.  It was a great party celebrating such a happy occasion.IMG_20160723_163023