Montana, Day 3 – Part 1

Sunday morning in Montana Liz headed to Missoula to pick Olivia up at the airport. The rest of us headed in the same direction, but made a stop at a park on Flathead Lake that Meg & I didn’t have time to visit when we were there Friday. The views were still just so, so pretty. Meg & I walked up to what was supposed to be a scenic overlook, but the trees had pretty much taken it over. Still, it was lovely.

From there we headed to the National Bison Range in Dixon, Montana, just outside Missoula.  It was great.  There was a 17 mile driving loop through the area, and we saw buffalo, antelope, bear, mule deer, big horned sheep = just very cool.  These are the first buffalo we spotted.  We were fired UP!100_8965

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