Saturday evening pix

It’s been a busy day. I worked all day – maybe the second Saturday I’ve worked in the almost 30 years I’ve been at Baird Engineering, but I had lots going on this week with the grandbabes and Kimbrell, so this was the schedule that worked best this week. When I got off work I met Lindee at the church to get Mallory and Clara to spend the night – tonight is the big fancy dancy Clover Club party at Spring Lake, and this year Jackson is in charge of the whole thing. The gospel choir from the high school performed at our church this evening, so we went to hear them. Amazing. Then we made a quick stop at Dollar General, and then when we pulled in the driveway the girls were SO excited to see our first ripe blackberries of the season hanging on the vines. They ate about half of what we picked before we ever got in the house. Yum.



After playing in the hose, eating supper,  and taking showers, the girls and I made some no-bake cookies.  Mallory was the photographer on this shot of Clara scooping the cookies out onto waxed paper.  I thought she did a good job!  Now everyone is crashed on the living room floor, and I’ll be joining them myself pretty soon – not on the floor, though 🙂IMG_20160528_213330

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