Art & Ag Tour 2014

Sunday afternoon my friend Becky & I took in a couple of farms, our first time participating in this new annual event.  It was just great.  Our first stop was Rocky Ridge Farm, here in town.  It was very hot, so most of the animals were in the shade or were pretty lethargic, but the gardens were beautiful, and we had fun checking out the little cabin there where they had items made on the farm, or by other local suppliers.  We actually spent the most time while we were at that location with the beekeepers – very interesting.  She opened up a container of the comb, just as they’d gotten it out of the hives, & picked up a dead bee that was in it.  She said that if anyone would eat a dead bee, they’d get a free jar of honey – and this guy jumped right on it.  She said she’d never had any takers before :-).  That was funny.get-attachment

Next stop was Inman Farms in York.  It was a farm from 1893, I believe it said, and you could take a walking tour around several of the old buildings.  The corn crib looked to be about the oldest, but the sun was so bright and hot I didn’t get a good picture.  Still, it was just such a neat old place.  We’re definitely putting it on our calendar to check out next year.get-attachment

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  1. I know! He said not only did he not feel any kind of stinger, he couldn’t really tell the difference in the bee and the comb :-). And the honey was wonderful. We sampled a couple of different kinds, and she had some from hives she puts at the strawberry fields up at Springs in Fort Mill that I think was the best I ever tasted. Yum.

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