Smith Family Christmas 2016

What a great, great day we had today at our Christmas with my family.  We held it at Woodland United Methodist, Boo and Andrew’s church, in Rock Hill, as we have for the past several years.  One real highlight from this year was that Zollie brought some of the pottery he has been making to share with us.  We were all so excited and, frankly, a little stunned.  We knew he and Renee had been taking classes, but could not believe how beautiful the work was that he had done.  SO exciting!100_8658

We enjoyed our annual talent show.  Here is Sherri’s youngest granddaughter Zoee singing for an adoring crowd 🙂100_8676

One tradition we don’t stray from much is taking different family group pictures with momma.  Here are Meg, Mike, and Hope with Gran.  It was just a special, special day.100_8698

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