Mallory – Tuesday

We had a good afternoon Tuesday after I picked Mallory and Clara up from school. This week Lindee and Jackson are in West Palm Beach on vacation, celebrating her 40th birthday and their 15th anniversary this past summer, so the girls were here for overnight. It had been career day at their school, so I got to see them dressed up. Here is Mallory sporting her look as a college history professor :-

Since it was the girls’ last day of school before Thanksgiving vacation started, we celebrated by making a special snack supper.  Here is Mallory spreading the ham slices to make ham rollups.  We had those, raw veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, and honey roasted sunflower seeds.  Clara said She could get used to those kind of meals :-).  It was a good day.IMG_20151124_161509

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