Mal and Clara

This has been Red Ribbon Week at the elementary schools here in Clover – every day at each school they have a different theme. It is really cute – Monday when we went to eat breakfast with June and Mason it was Support Your Favorite Team Day, and they were decked out in their Panthers attire – as were many, many people at their school. Then Wednesday was your favorite college, so they both had on their Duke shirts. Yesterday when I picked the girls up it was Crazy Sock Day (Sock it to Cigarettes, as a matter of fact), but I forgot to get a picture of them until Clara had already changed into her dance clothes. So here is Mal sporting her crazy sock.

The younger kids get to wear their Halloween costumes to dance during the holiday week, and get candy when they leave class.  Our pirate really was happier than this all day 🙂100_8529

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