Monday Pictures

Most Mondays I don’t have many pictures to share – it’s a work day for me, and really, not much happens in the evenings.  Yesterday, though, was Grandparents’ Breakfast at Larne Elementary School, so Jeff & I went by and picked up June & Mason at their house, & they showed us the ropes at school.  It was also the Book Fair, so we got a little bit of shopping in, too 🙂IMG_20151026_072128

Then last night the U8 soccer tournament kicked off in Clover, so we headed over to sit out in the cold and drizzle, and watch Clara and her fellow Wizards claim a victory in the first round :-).  That’s Clara in the pink cleats, defending right in front of the goal.  I hope she never doesn’t wear those cleats, because a lot of times that’s the only way I can pick her out of the crowd.  Now it’s on to the semi-finals!100_8502

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