Final Haunted Trail Pictures (maybe :-) )

Yesterday afternoon Andrew brought Adam over to walk around the trail one more time, and a little later Lindee brought the girls over.  The night it was over Jeff, Jackson, Mallory, & Clara had brought in all the cardboard things, and the electrical & battery operated items, but most of it was still up, so Jeff & I went out before dark to enjoy it one more time.  There were a lot of things Jeff had done that you really couldn’t see in the dark, like all the snakes that were wrapped around trees 🙂

This was a little vignette he’d set up across a gully, which was very cool. When we were actually walking on the Haunted Trail Saturday night I was with Mallory and Charlie, among other people, and they both really LOVED the pirates’ graves. AND now Jeff told me last night he was already starting to make plans for next year. Great, great weekend.

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