Car Break Down

Wednesday I took Kimbrell with me to spend the day at Gran’s – they had never met before, and as is usually the case with Momma and all babies, it was love at first sight!  Of course it helped that Kimbrell is such a happy baby, and that she sat up for the first time by herself in the middle of Gran’s living room floor :-).  We left there in time to get to Larne Elementary when school let out for June and Mason, but about Newport I noticed a light coming on on the dashboard, and then the temp gauge went crazy.  I pulled over as soon as I could find a spot, and we called Jeff.  As always, God was really watching out for us, because he was spending the afternoon riding motorcycles with Maxie, and I caught him in about the three minutes that they weren’t on the bikes – otherwise he would never have heard the phone.  They both came in Maxie’s truck and picked us up, & brought Kimbrell & me back to the house, & then went back to work on the car.  Kimbrell & I spent the half hour while we were on the side of the road waiting for them to get to us thanking God that it was such a nice cool day, not one of the 98 degree-ers that we’ve had so many of this summer!  She was SO good while we were waiting – didn’t cry a bit until Jeff stuck his head in the side window at her, & she didn’t know him in all his motorcycle bandana & sunglasses, etc, and she did not like that ONE bit.  Here she is while we are waiting out what might have been her first car breakdown! 🙂100_8311

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