Our new school schedule



Yesterday was the first day we picked June and Mason up for this new school year.  Actually, it was the first time we’d ever picked Mason up at all from Larne Elementary School, since he has just started kindergarten.  I picked Mallory & Clara up on Tuesday, and never took a single picture all day.  Whaaaat?  Anyway, I had Kimbrell both of those days.  She was a little fretful Tuesday – teething – which may explain the lack of pictures.  Yesterday, though, she was back to her happy self, and June & Mason had fun blowing bubbles with her after they finished their homework.100_8174

After Kimbrell was gone for the day we worked on a little bit of science :-).  We made hoops out of paper, & then balanced them on a glass of water, and then balanced a penny on the hoop.  If you jerked the hoop out of the way fast enough the penny would fall right down in the glass of water.  It was a BIG hit.  Here is Mase working on his hoop.  It involved cutting and taping, so it was also sort of a craft – two of their favorite things combined 🙂