What a fun Tuesday


At Momma’s, trying to get my stairstep picture.  Every year we have a little over a month – from June’s birthday on July 18 til Adam’s on August 29 – that they are all a different year old.  This year Mallory is ten, Charlie nine, June eight, Clara seven, Adam six, and a missing Mason, five.  Mason, however, was having a little trouble agreeing to get his picture made.  He is crazy.100_8031

This week Amy and Liz are here for a visit, which has been absolutely great. This week is also Queen’s Feast in Charlotte, and Lindee had gotten the five of us – her, Amy, Liz, Addie, and me – reservations to eat at Blue that evening. It was amazing. Here are loving cousins of an older generation before we headed out from our house that evening. Great fun. 100_8038

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