Monday at the House

Monday morning I ran out and picked Mallory & Clara up, & brought them back to the house.  While I was at their house Addie texted to ask if she could bring June and Mason over while she went & got her hair done.  Of course the cousins were all excited about that.  Almost as soon as we got there Jeff got them outside for Mal to help him light the bonfire.  He’d promised her long ago that she could, and it had rained a tiny bit the day before, so he figured it would be a safe time.  Of course you know once a fire is burning, it is just almost mesmerizing.  They could hardly look away.100_8010

I realize that most people would make Resurrection Rolls during the Easter season, but I never could seem to get it together to do it.  So when it got too hot for the kids to play outside, we came in to the ac to do just that.  Here is Clara rolling her marshmallow, which was white and pure and represented Jesus, in the butter (the oils they poured on his body) and rolling it in cinnamon sugar (the spices they used on his body before they put it in the tomb).  The kids were SO excited when they took a bite of the rolls after we cooked them and found them to be an empty tomb.  Even in the middle of summer, it was a good activity for them.


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