Strawberry Park Hot Springs

What a fun day we had our last day at Steamboat Springs, at the hot springs – the first time I’d ever really been to one.  It was wonderful!  It was a great set up.  There were hot springs flowing down a mountain, and filling up a couple of pools with hot water.  It felt soooo good – I could’ve stayed in that forever.  It was a little hot for the girls, though, and the springs were so nice.  There was a mountain stream that was dammed up to make a swimming pool, but believe me, mountain water this time of year is not exactly something you want to spend a lot of time in!  In fact, even the crazy teenagers that were there had a hard time getting in it :-).100_7699

Further on down the mountain, they had more pools, where more and more of the cold water fed into the hot springs water, so they were progressively cooler. The girls liked those much better, and we had a good time playing in the waterfalls there. We stayed until it started thundering, when we thought it best to get out of the water. It was a fun morning.100_7710

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