A Special Friday


What a good day yesterday was.  We spent the morning at June’s awards program for her second grade at Larne Elementary School.  Every child in every class received an award – here is Mrs. Cheatham’s class showing off all their certificates.  June received the award for Excellence in Writing, and for anyone who knows her, that would come as no surprise.  There is nothing she loves more.  She also won the Art Award from her class, so we were very proud.  That’s here in the white dress, closest to the camera.



Addie and Lee went ahead & got June out of school as soon as her program were over, and pretty soon they were at the house playing.  We spent part of the morning making banana dolphins, which Sherri had suggested and Diane gave me some hints on, having made them before.  They were a BIG hit :-).  Just a good, good day.


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