First Day of Golf State Championship

The match this year was held at Holly Hills Golf Club in Simpsonville, SC. Serious hills. So thankful we had enough carts that none of us had to walk the first day at least. Except for the golfers. And the spectators that wanted to walk.

She had a great first day. Finished tied for the 10th lowest score and for 23rd overall. So proud.

Home from Tennessee

I don’t know if I haven’t been to the mountains when the leaves were at their very peak, or if God was just really celebrating Granny’s homecoming this year, but I can’t remember the last time I saw the leaves as beautiful as they were last weekend on our way to and from Tennessee. I got this picture when we stopped at the North Carolina welcome center on our way home Sunday.

Final Murfreesboro Pictures

I gave Elise my camera to take pictures of the cousins together, and I love this one she got of our McKenzie/Mackensie together 🙂

So many beautiful flowers, including these from Aunt Margaret and Uncle Buddy’s children and grandchildren. Lindee took these home with her and they still look beautiful on her dining room table.

Group Photos from Saturday

Saturday morning in Murfreesboro we met at Roselawn Cemetery to see Gran’s cemetery plot. The stone isn’t on it yet, of course, but we just wanted to see where it was. We got this group photo of us standing on her final resting place. From left are Jeff, me, Liz, Little Hope, Lindee, Mike, Meg, Sherri, Gary, Amy, Boo, Andy, & Lesley. McKenzie was our photographer.

After the memorial service at Trinity.

Jack’s Nursery

Friday night when we got to Murfreesboro for Momma’s memorial service there the next day, Josh and Hillary had us all out to their house in Franklin for chili for supper and to meet some of their neighbors and to just relax and hang out. The only picture I got the entire evening was of Jack’s – predicted arrival date November 15 – nursery. Hillary’s dad is an artist. I mean, that’s how he makes his living. And he did the paintings that are included in the collage above the crib. I loved it.

A couple of more pix from Thursday

We got this picture of all of Generation 2 who were at Momma’s memorial service in Rock Hill after the service was over. From left are Lesley, Elise behind Amber, Liz, Addie, Lindee, Olivia, Nathan, Cooper, Greg, and Andrew.

Adam shared this picture with me while we were there. It was such a special evening for him. Last Friday night he & five of his Sullivan Middle School teammates were invited by the Rock Hill High School football team to join then for supper, and then to don RHHS jerseys and work out with them on the field before their game, and then got their pictures made, and then had special seats for the game. He just had a wonderful time.

Rock Hill Memorial Service

Thursday before Momma’s memorial service my buddies used Woodland UMC’s Wesley Hall to serve us lunch. It was delicious and so nice to be able to relax and spend that time together. Here’s one of the Generation #2 table 🙂

There were some beautiful flowers sent for the service, including this one from Shea’s momma and sister and family.

Wednesday Pix

I finally remembered to take my camera with me when I went to take the girls to school yesterday morning, to get a picture of the yard sign at the end of the Dovers’ driveway these days.

Yesterday evening we were at Adam’s final regular season football game with his Sullivan Middle School teammates. None of my action photos came out – this was the only one I got.

Clara’s Math Project

I had to go early to take the girls to school on Tuesday because Clara had a math project to take in, about angles. When I got there I saw she’d made a Harry Potter village. I thought that was so cute and clever.