Junior Marshall

Thursday evening I went with Lindee to the Clover High School graduation, but actually we were there to watch Mallory in action as a Junior Marshall – an honor the top 20 academically ranked kids in the junior class receive. She was at an entrance with her friend Abby, giving out programs when we got there.

And then they flanked the entryway for the graduates as they entered the auditorium. We were lucky that she was at the end of the line. Some were all the way up in the tunnel, and we wouldn’t have been able to see her at all.

Clara’s 8th Grade Moving On Ceremony

Yesterday morning we were at the middle school for Clara’s 8th grade graduation. She had told us exactly where to sit so we would be at the end of her row so we could see her, and she gave excellent instructions. She was pretty emotional park of the time, for sure.

At the reception afterwards. Bryce and Clara are both lifelong soccer players, as were their dads before them – also for Clover Middle School and then for Clover High School. Hard to believe these kids are heading to high school next year. Wow.

Supper with Lesley Pearl

Several folks weren’t able to be at Gran’s house to have lunch with LP while she & Connor were in town, so we had supper here Wednesday evening so more people could visit with them while they’re on the east coast. We got this group picture before people started departing. Bottom row are Adam, Addie, Mallory, Clara holding Hal, June, Lesley, & Connor. Middle row is Mike, Meg, Lindee, & Sherri. Back row is Gary, Jeff, Andrew, & Charlie.

Got this one of the cousins before everyone piled into their cars to head out. Such a special evening.

Hiking at Crowders Mountain State Park

Monday morning after I dropped Clover off at school I headed over to the park to do some walking. I’ve walked around the Lake Trail many times, but there is a smaller path right at the very edge of the lake that folks use when they’re fishing, & I walked around it, since I didn’t see anyone fishing. So shady and pretty.

The lake was beautiful as always. By the time I got this picture the mist had almost lifted off the water.

Lunch with Lesley

Sunday after church I headed to Gran’s house, where we had bbq on the carport to celebrate Lesley and Connor being home for a visit. SO much fun. Gran had already gone back in the house, but I got this group picture before Boo hit the road to head home to Murrells Inlet. From left are LP’s boyfriend Connor, Leesy’s boyfriend Ryan, Elise, me, Addie, June, & Lesley. Boo was our photographer. Special afternoon.

Supper Date

Friday night June & I went out to eat supper & do some catching up. We opted for Palmetto Seafood, and even though June ordered chicken tenders at a fish place, it was yummy – and a great time.

Off to Bike Week

Jeff left Wednesday to head to Myrtle Beach with his buddies to spend a few days at Bike Week – I’m just now getting pictures downloaded. I’m sure they’re having a ball.

June’s School Dance Performance

Last night we went to see the spring performance of the dance classes at Clover High School. It was so, so good. I had missed the one in the fall, so wasn’t sure what to expect, and just could not get over what a great job they all did. My favorite dance June was in was to America, from West Side Story. So cute and they all did such a good job. That’s June in the red skirt. Then in the second picture she is in the middle in the grey, in their finale. Just such a fun show.