Brandon on the Field

My grandchildren haven’t had any activities for us to attend for the past couple of weeks, so I had to tag along with my friend Evelyn and watch her grandson Brandon in action, when he and his Boiling Springs JV lacrosse teammates came to town to play Clover. This picture would have been really good if it had just turned out a little clearer.

Frying Bacon

Jeff cooks breakfast for us on occasion, but he told me last week when he was cooking that he’d never cooked bacon before. What??? I had to get a picture of him in action 🙂

Supper with June

I feel like I have not seen June in a hundred years, so last Friday night she & I had a June & Big Mama supper, and went out to eat at Eagle’s Nest – just the two of us. So much fun catching up. She makes me laugh all the time.

Extreme Illusions and Escapes

Just now getting pictures downloaded from the last ten days or so. Earlier this month I was finally ready to get to one of the auditorium programs in town – I’ve had to miss a couple of them with Gran or the kids. It really was a fun show, with an illusionist couple. I love the singers that we get to see, but it’s always fun to see something different. There was a juggler as part of the show, and he was SO FUNNY>

After the show you could pay a dollar and go up on stage to see a couple of the illusions. I loved that – it reminded me of the old side shows at carnivals that you see in the movies. We got to see the assistant all contorted in the box that the illusionist Josh Knotts had stuck knives all through. We weren’t allowed to make pictures of her in the box, but she did wave up at me so I could get a picture of that 🙂

Final basketball game

Just now getting pictures downloaded from the past week, and here is the one I took after Charlie & Adam’s game last Saturday. It was a great game, but they lost by one point. And I’m not sure what button I pushed on my camera to get this effect, but there you have it.

Heading to the Dance

Last night we were at Lindee’s house as Clara and her buddies were heading out to the 8th grade formal. Folks started arriving as Elise was styling Clara’s hair, so everyone just stood around visiting until everyone was ready for pictures.

Got this picture of Clara with her proud big sister before the party goers headed out the door 🙂

NHS Induction Ceremony

This evening we were at the auditorium at the high school to see Mallory inducted into the National Honor Society. None of the pictures I tried to take when she was walking across the stage turned out :-(, but I did get this one of her afterwards with her lifelong bff, Lacy Emma.

And with her proud family…

Prom Dress!

Mallory was so excited to show me her prom dress when I got there Monday morning to pick her up for school – they found it over the weekend. She didn’t try it on because of course she didn’t have time before school, plus of course it has to be altered. I know it’s going to look beautiful on her, though.

More Basketball

This past weekend Sherri was in town staying with Gran, and she came over to see the boys in action Saturday afternoon. Jenny took this picture of us afterwards.