Adam’s final football game

Adam and his Sullivan Falcons teammates had one final consolation game to wind up their school year – and once again, Adam got in for the last couple of plays of the game. This time he was completely on the opposite side of the field from us, so just know that his is the helmet that is furthest away 🙂

Jenny took this picture afterwards. Love this kid.

State Championship – Day 2

Last Tuesday was the second and final day of Mallory playing in the state golf championships. She didn’t do as well as she had hoped, but still finished the tournament in the top half of the field of 88 golfers, and pulled herself back up to shoot her lowest score of the tourney on her final nine. We are so proud. Here are a couple of action shots – I didn’t get very many, or very good ones, at all.

State Championship, Day 1

Monday and Tuesday this week we were in Florence to watch Mallory compete in the State Championship, which she qualified for by being one of the top four golfers in the Upper State whose team did not advance to state. I didn’t get many pictures, but did get this one of her in action on the driving range before her tee time.

I’m not sure if it will show up on here, but we loved tht the back of the tee shirts had her name and school on it. Jeff had to have one for himself, of course.

Yarbroughs at the Halloween Party

The adults don’t always dress up for our festivities, but this year Addie came as Madonna & Lee as Bob Ross – strictly a 1980’s dream couple 🙂

June had already changed out of her Pink Ladies costume by the time we went out on the Haunted Trail – and there wasn’t very much of it. Mostly the focus was on the Haunted House, but Pirate Island stays up all year, so June was anxious to get her picture made on the pirate ship 🙂

After the County Meet

Last Saturday was the All County Cross Country Meet at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill. I got this picture of Charlie after he finished the race with his best time of the year.

Adam got in the game!

Last week was Adam’s last regular season football game, at Castle Heights Middle School on the other side of Rock Hill. He is now #54, playing offensive line. I did get this picture of him on the sidelines.

Then, for the first time all season, he got in the game! I was so excited I did not get good action shots at all, but he did a good job of blocking his man, and here he is watching as his teammate ran for a touchdown. Great job, Falcons!

Upper State Tournament

Last week Mallory qualified as an individual to represent 5A Region 3 as an individual, meaning she was the highest scorer in the match whose team did not advance to the Upper State Tournament. Today we were back in Chester for that match, and I got this action shot of her putting for one of the three birdies she shot for the day. I like that I got the side of Lindee’s head watching her, too 🙂

At the Upper State Championships, four girls were chosen to move on to State from teams who didn’t qualify – or, like Mallory, were already there as individuals. These are those four Mallory, Vivian from NaFo who she’s played with for years, and a player from Hillcrest and from Riverside. They were so cute celebrating together. Hoping they’ll all get to play together next week.

Sports Wednesday

Wednesday evening we headed to Rock Hill High School to watch Charlie in the final race of his cross country season. It was hot, which made for some hard running on the hardest course they race on, but he did a good job.

As soon as Char finished running we headed to Sullivan Middle School to see Adam and the rest of the football team in action. I did manage to get this one sort of good photo of him on the sidelines.

Regional Championships – Girls Golf

Monday we spent the day at Chester Golf Club for the Girls Golf 5A Region 3 championships. When all was said and done, Mallory had finished third in the region with a schore of 78 (her lowest ever was 77, so we were vry proud) and made the All-Region team. Mal has played with several of these girls since she started playing in 7th grade, and it is just great fun to watch them improve every year. They’ll all be at the Upper State Championships next week.

It was Clara’s first year ever to play in the regional championships. The Clover team didn’t advance to the Upper State, so her season is over, but we were hugely proud of her improvement over the course of the year, too. Here they are with the scorecards after the match.