Carriage Ride on Mackinac Island

Wednesday of our trip we spent the day on Mackinac Island, and spent our morning on a carriage ride around the island. Unlike other carriage rides I have taken in other cities, carriages is one of the only ways to get around on Mackinac Island – no motorized vehicles of any kind allowed. The ride […]

Tuesday Morning in Wisconsin

Between the time we had to have our luggage out to be loaded on the bus and time for us to eat breakfast, we had a while to kill, and Evelyn & I walked around & took pictures of all the great decor in this fantastic old hotel. It was so reflective of the history […]

Fish Boil Boilover

Back at our hotel that night, we got to see – and eat – a fish boil boilover.  It’s much like a shrimp boil, but in a cast iron pot over an open fire.  I don’t exactly understand this, but they put so much salt in the water that it changes the specific gravity of […]

Final Stop on Washington Island

Our last stop on Washington Island was Stavkirke, a replica of early Christian churches built in Scandinavia. It was absolutely beautiful – hand crafted entirely by local volunteers of local wood. This was hanging behind the altar – also made by volunteers. The words at the bottom are Norwegian for He Is Risen. We ferried […]

Washington Island Part 2

Our second stop on our tour of Washington Island was at the Washington Island Farm Museum. We had very little time there, which was the hardest thing to me about being on a bus tour – you couldn’t stay as long as you wanted at the different places we stopped. There were nine buildings they […]

Washington Island, Part 1

Monday morning after our delicious Swedish pancake breakfast we boarded a ferry for the thirty minute ride across Lake Michigan to Washington Island. Our ferry was named Madonna, and it was a beautiful ride. Our first stop on the island was Schoolhouse Beach, one of only five limestone beaches in the world. This one particular […]

Monday morning buildings in Wisconsin

Breakfast in Door County, Wisconsin, on Monday was at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant and Butik – Swedish pancakes with lingonberries. There was even a traditional sod roof on the restaurant – but there were also goats keeping the grass cut 🙂

Sunday in Wisconsin, Part 2

Our crew: Evelyn, me, Pam, and Meg – in front of Green Bay, taken during our stop at Eagle Bay Lighthouse. The sign inside the front door when we arrived at Rowley’s Bay Lodge – our home away from home while we were in Door County. Pretty typical of the trip – people were just […]