Julian & Carolyn’s visit

Yesterday I was in Rock Hill for the afternoon when my cousins Julian & Carolyn came up to spend the day with Momma. It was such a great time. Elise was born on their mom, my Aunt Margaret’s, birthday, and Carolyn brought Aunt Margaret’s birthstone ring to give to Elise for an early birthday present. They were going to just leave it with Momma to give her, but she called Leesy, & Leesy turned off the stove where she was cooking supper and came right over to get her surprise :-). It was such a kind thing for them to have done.

Got a quick picture of both of them with Momma before they headed home. Just a great day.

Aunt Sherri at the Match

Last Monday Sherri was in town to watch Mallory in action. I forgot my camera, so Clara got this picture for me on her phone. Sher didn’t get to stay even for all of the front nine – he had to get home to Gary’s prehab meeting before his knee surgery next week. I so appreciated her being here for the first seven holes, though.

Ice Age Carolinas

Yesterday Adam, Mason, & I spent a couple of hours at the Museum of York County, checking out the new exhibit hall – Ice Age Carolinas. It was so beautiful and well done and interesting. Way too much information for me to process in one visit – I can’t wait to go back. Here are a couple of pictures.

One of the displays of extinct animals, including the terror bird. I had never heard of it, but Adam said they are in one of the video games he plays. As it turns out, the lady who was working in the exhibit was Addie’s art teacher in college, and she told us all about the bird – that his head and neck could only move straight up and down – it couldn’t turn his head to the left or right. He would grab his prey in its claw and pound it on the ground to kill or at least stun in, and then would tear it to bits with its beak before it ate it. How about that?

Our New Little Buddy

Jeff found him by the driveway yesterday. The cat was a little bit interested when I went over to check the turtle out, and the head immediately went back in the shell, but then once the cat wandered off, turtle was back out ambling along.

Stumphouse Park

Today Addie & I took Mason & his bestie Branson to Walhalla – a couple of hours down the road – to visit this park and tunnel that I’d been wanting to see for a long time. Alas, my camera was turned on the wrong setting, so the pictures inside the tunnel just didn’t really turn out at all. I’m glad I was able to get this information about it, though.

I didn’t realize the dial was set wrong until I couldn’t get a decent picture of these little birds in the eaves of the picnic pavillion where we had our lunch, and reset it. What sweet dining companions.

Sunday pictures

Just now getting caught up on pictures from earlier in the week. Sunday was June’s 14th birthday, and she celebrated with a big shopping trip with her mom and dad. On the way home they stopped by so she could show us all of the goodies she’s bought. She also showed us the dances she’s learned at the St-Arts (Special Talent in the Arts) program she’d been attending at Winthrop University the past three weeks. I can’t believe she is so grown up.

Then that evening we had a ladies’ night out to celebrate Restaurant Week in Charlotte. Jeff got this picture of us as we were walking out the door: Meg, me, Lindee, and her good friend Elizabeth. We ate at Dolce’s, an absolutely fantastic Italian restaurant, and just had so much fun.

Jeff’s new picture

Jeff wanted me to get a new picture of him on his motorcycle as he headed out for a ride this afternoon. It’s the same motorcycle, and he pretty much looks the same since the last time we took his picture, but here’s what we got. He said he thought his beard might be a little longer 🙂

Gran & visitors

My cousin Susan’s daughter Allison, her husband Ross, and their children Lillian and Holden were in Rock Hill on their way to vacation at the Outer Banks with Ross’s family yesterday, and they stopped by to visit with Gran. It is SO hard to keep a 6-year-old still when he’s been cooped up in the car for hours on end, and it’s way past supper time. We put to Gran & then Sherri & I went out to eat pizza with the Meltzes. It was such a fun, fun visit.

Back at the golf course

Our computer has been having some issues, so I’m just now getting pictures downloaded from the golf tournament last Tuesday. Mallory had a good day, especially on the front nine. Proud of our girl!