View from the Balcony

This week Meg & I were at Myrtle Beach for four days with our Forever Young group at church. What an incredible view we had from our balcony. I took this the first afternoon almost as soon as we checked in. We never shut the doors to the balcony the rest of the week when we were in the room. Sleeping to the sound of the waves and that breeze blowing off the ocean was fantastic. Wonderful week.

Our Flowerbeds

are continuing to shape up for summer. Blooming more every day, as are the blackberries on the other side of the boardwalk. So pretty – and good eating coming soon!

Lig and Taylor’s Wedding

What a beautiful, fun night we had last Saturday at The Wedding. No pictures were to be taken during the ceremony itself, and I was so busy having a good time at the reception that I didn’t get many at all at the reception, but did get this one of Matron of Honor Rachel and Groomsman Cooper. Such a fun, fun time.

Sibling photo. What a wonderful time was had by all.

Cody’s Memorial

Last Thursday night I was in Hickory, NC, at the Crawdads game, the minor league team where Cody Bryant, a young man from our church, had been the head groundskeeper. He died last fall of a fall, with covid being an underlying cause. It was just incredibly sad. The Crawdads had a beautiful memorial service for him at their first home game this spring, and several of us from church went up for that. The stadium was so beautiful. I was especially taken with the planters.

We released balloons in his memory as part of the service – in John Deere green and yellow, as sitting on a John Deere was where Cody spent much of his time when he was at work at the stadium. Just a sweet, very emotional night.

Semi-Final Game

I am just now catching up on pictures from the last couple of weeks. I got this picture after Adam’s semi-final game last Tuesday night, which they won, before going on to win the championship game on Thursday night, the result of an undefeated season. Here’s our guy with his proud parents after the game.

Flower Bed

Our summer flowers are coming up so beautifully and just starting to really bloom out. I think they are going to be beautiful!

Mother’s Day

Yesterday Andrew and the boys came to take me out for lunch – Jenny was working – and Lindee and Mallory happened to stop by at the same time (Clara was home sick), so they went with us to Pizzaman in town for a yummy meal. We got this picture real quick as we were all going out separate ways afterwards. Wonderful day.

Adam’s basketball game

Last night was Adam’s final regular season basketball game of the rec league season. I got this photo of him at the foul line, where he made one in helping his team cap off an undefeated regular season. Tournament is next week. It was a close game, and so much fun to watch.

Got this picture of all our guys together after the game.