Hollywood Studios Part II

There are no parades in any of the Disney World parks these days, trying to prevent Covid spread, but they do have what they called Cavalcades – small groups of characters that parade down the street at just random times. Mr Incredible made me laugh. He had the strong man poses and strut down pat 🙂

One of the new rides was Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Train. It was so cute, and ended up with a “fireworks” show. Such fun. Not sure what I did to make this picture black and white, but there you have it 🙂

Hollywood Studios

Tuesday of our Disney Week we headed over to Hollywood Studios. All of the Disney parks are incredible, but there is just something special about that one. There are two new areas that had opened since any of us had been there: Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Here are a couple of pictures. As with all of the parks, the attention to detail in the set-up was just incredible. So much fun.

Final Animal Kingdom Pix

There aren’t just a million rides at Animal Kingdom, but the ones we rode were mostly fun (except for Mt Everest. Ha). Jeff doesn’t love going in circles, so he stayed busy taking pictures while we rode the dinosaur ride :-). That’s me in the red with Clara in the front and Lindee & Mallory in the back. And Jenny and Andrew boarding the dinosaur behind us with their boys 🙂

We were all excited to visit Pandora, the new area that had been built at Animal Kingdom based on the movie Avatar since any of us had visited. As we would only expect at Disney World, the entire area was just amazing. I got this picture of Lindee and the girls as we were entering Pandora.

Gorilla Walk

I loved the Gorilla Walk at Animal Kingdom, especially this one. It was just lying there with its leg over its knee, and sometimes would start patting its foot. So human-like.

There was also a meerkat habitat in the walk, and there just isn’t much cuter than a meerkat. Another species I believe I could watch for hours on end. So much fun.

Animal Kingdom, part 1

Today we headed over early to Animal Kingdom, to begin our Disney week. Our first stop was Mt Everest roller coaster, which we rode twice in a row. That was a lot for us old people – Jeff & I both felt pretty queasy after the second go round. I did get this cute picture of Clara and Charlie while we were waiting in line to ride.

Next stop was the safari. We went early in the hopes that the animals would be more active before it got too hot, and it really did seem to be the case. Great start to our day.

Sunday in Florida

Lindee, Mallory, and Clara were the only ones who actually went to Disney World today. I got this picture of them in their cute Disney shirts before they headed out.

Andrew, Jenny, and the boys got here about mid afternoon, and they guys all headed over to the basketball court for a little three-generation action.

On the way to Disney

Yesterday we were off on our long awaited trip to Disney World. Of course we had to stop at the Florida Welcome Center. We were very excited to find a new Star Wars exhibit, since the new Star Wars Land is really what put the idea for this trip into our heads.

Next stop was New Smyrna Beach, where we had hoped to see some manatees in the inlet like Jeff & I did when we were there a few years ago. Alas, we did not – it was actually later in the year when we were there before – but we loved this little park where we parked.

New Mask

We ordered Clara facemasks for Christmas from an old friend in Tennessee, but I ordered too late, so just got them in the mail last week. I delivered them to her on Friday, & got this picture of her in her Harry Potter mask. So cute.

Snow Day

I have just now downloaded pictures for the first time in a couple of weeks, and found these that I took the day it snowed. Pics didn’t turn out great, but because we have a book tree this year we were able to leave it up. I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of our Christmas tree with snow falling in the background 🙂