Blowing Rock, Part 1

Catching up on pix from this past week. Thursday was a special day. My friend Charlotte and I rode in one car; Sherry and Evelyn rode with Pam in another – to help with social distancing – and we met Becky at Blowing Rock Park in the mountains for a picnic and to spend the […]

Final Wednesday Pictures

Evelyn & I wanted to get away from the winding mountain roads before dark, so we took a few final looks at the views from Pretty Place Chapel, and headed on home. So lovely. We did stop at Caesar’s Head for a late picnic lunch on our way down the mountain. I hadn’t been there […]

Wednesday Outing, part 2

Our next stop of the adventure Evelyn & I took to the mountains was at Poinsett Bridge. This was a bridge that was built over Big Gap Creek in 1820, so 200 years ago this year, along the old wagon road from Greenville to Asheville. It was such a cool thing to see, and also […]

Wednesday Adventure Part 1

You know I do love a good outing, and they have been in pitifully short supply during this Covid year. This morning, though, my friend Evelyn and I hit the road early to spend the day in the SC mountains. Our first stop was the Campbell’s Covered Bridge – the only covered bridge left in […]

Friday Pix

Last Thursday we had the hardest rain that we have had in this area in decades. Jeff has spent most days since then clearing up and repairing our driveway that washed away. Luckily Mason has started a new enterprise to raise money – baking and selling cupcakes with his new company, Frosted, and he made […]

Soccer Season Ends

Today I was in Columbia for Clara’s final game of her season. They didn’t win, but played really, really good until the very last minute of the game so we were proud. I got this picture afterwards.