Final Saturday Pix

We finished up our time at Curtin Farms at the pumpkin painting display. From there we drove around McDonalds to grab us some lunch, and then headed into town to Clara’s soccer game. Not sure what button I pushed on the camera to get this color effect, but I got this picture of the cousins […]

Saturday Pix, Part 1

Saturday morning we were at Saluda Trail Middle School early, to cheer Charlie on in his last race of the season. His time wasn’t as good as he’d hoped it would be – it was hot and they were running on pavement almost the entire time – but he came in 7th in the JV […]

At the BMX Track

Friday night June & Mason spent the night, and we headed to Rock Hill to watch Adam race. Charlie decided to go to the high school football game instead of racing himself. Adam did great. He had to race up with the 13-year-olds, and he still came in second in both motos and the main. […]

Cross Country Region Meet

Wednesday afternoon we were in Rock Hill to watch Charlie compete in the Region 5A 2 Championship Meet. He ran JV, and came in 10th, I think it was, tying his season PR this year. We were so proud and excited. Here is an action photo, and one I got of him afterwards.

Upper State Golf Tournament

Just now getting pictures downloaded from this past week. Last Monday was the Upper State tourney for Mallory, and she didn’t score well enough to move on to the state. We were so proud of how well she played all year, and that day was no different. She didn’t play badly at all – just […]

Morning Nap

Almost every night, Jeff gets up about 2 AM, fixes himself a pot of coffee, and after about 2 hours falls back asleep on the couch, where I find him when I wake up. He does not, however, usually have his face buried in a pillow. That made me chuckle this week when I saw […]

County Cross Country Meet

Yesterday was the all county meet at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill. Charlie wasn’t real happy that he had to run varsity, since he knew he’d finish near the bottom of the pack, and he did, but his time tied his best of the season, so he was happy about that – and we […]

Friday Pix

Friday my friend Pam had to take her momma to have some eye surgery, AND was supposed to babysit her six-year-old grandson Jack. So we invited Jack over to spend the day with us, instead of him having to sit in a dr’s office for who knows how long. AND Mason came over to hang […]

Cross Country

Wednesday evening we were back at Rock Hill High to watch Charlie in action on the cross country course. He ran really well, beating his PR for the season, & he was very happy about that – so we were, too.