Back at the golf course

Today we were back at junior golf at River Hills, to watch Mallory in action. It is just a beautiful course.

For Christmas, Lindee & family got Jeff this t-shirt that said Golf Papa, and he wore it today. Needless to say, we had to get a picture of them together after the match 🙂

Our flowers

I’m so thankful that our flowers are looking so pretty this year, since we are spending so much time at home. And I need to get out to pick the blackberries again – that’s what’s on the right in this picture.

Birthday Party

Last week our church hosted a birthday party for a little boy who had recently lost his little sister in a tragic way. We did a pretty good job of social distancing, and the town vehicles came by to wish him a Happy Birthday, too. Mason went with me, and he had such a good time playing with all the other kids – it had definitely been a while since he’d been with more than one other child at all. Fun day.


We had a porch visit last week when Amy & Liz came down to catch up and to pick up some sourdough bread starter from my friend Pam Cato. This is the only picture I got all day – of our 12-year-old cousins hanging out on Papa’s dirt pile 🙂

Back at the golf course

Yesterday we traveled to Lancaster Country Club to watch Mallory play in her first Junior Golf match of the season – our first grandchild sporting event in three months! Jeff called this hole Gilligan’s Island :-). Mallory is in the white jacket, taking her shot after landing in the water hazard.

Teeing off…

Gary’s Retirement Lunch

Today I rode with Lindee, Mallory, & Clara to Augusta to see Gary preach his last sermonette, and to celebrate his retirement. The lunch was so nice, and the centerpieces on all the different tables were the cutest I have seen in I don’t know when. This table celebrated his love of old cars – there was one for camping, Bama football, & several others. Just the coolest thing.

Lesley’s Visit

LP has been in York County this week, and yesterday afternoon she came over to hang out for a few hours before she & Leesy headed to Charleston this morning for a getaway. I got this picture of our socially distanced porch visit. Addie & June were here earlier, but left before I got this picture. Such a fun afternoon.