A couple of more from the parade

This is about the only action photo I got during the parade, when Rozzie was close enough that we could really see her – and when she could see us 🙂

Franklin County High School is a county-wide school, so the parade made a loop to go through all of the towns that it serves. I thought that was the coolest thing. Sherri, Amber, and all of the rest of Rozzie’s fan club were making the rounds to the various towns to see them several places, but I saw her go by once & then headed on home, since I had kind of a drive. Of course I just followed my map on my phone to get back to the interstate, and as I drove along the route where the parade would come a little later, there were all kinds of houses decorated and families all waiting with signs for their seniors to go by. It was the coolest thing. I’m so glad I was able to be there.

Celebrating Rozzie

Yesterday I headed down to Carnesville, GA, to be there for Rozzie’s senior parade. They still don’t have a definite date for her high school graduation in June or July, so I wanted to be there for the parade, in case we aren’t able to get back down. Amber had supper at their house before hand. Sherri made cupcakes and had Congrats candles to put in them – so cute (and yummy.)

We got some pictures of that sweet girl after she got on her cap and gown, including this one of us doing some social distancing. We are so proud of her! More pix to follow.

June and Mase :-)

Last week the Yarbroughs came over to visit and bring us a delicious cake Addie had baked for us. It was so good to do some porch visiting – and to get this picture of June & Mase before they headed home.

And continues…

Jeff is really hoping to have the driveway completely finished by the end of the month, so he has been working every day that it isn’t raining. I spent a couple of days down there helping him was rocks & find smaller pieces to fit, but it’s all his job. I know his back must be killing him after a day like this.

Driveway Work Resumes

Jeff finally was able to get a load of gravel down at the bottom of the driveway – it finally dried out enough from all the winter wetness – and he was able to resume work on the inside of the walls.

Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My gifts included hummingbird feeders from Jeff

and two beautiful hanging baskets from Andrew and family. I also got a pink one – beautiful!

Flower in bloom

This is actually from a couple of weeks ago, when the flowers were just starting to bloom. They are so beautiful, and I’m sure loving the rain we’re getting this week!

Harry Potter Cookies

I did get this picture of all of the box of cookies before we delivered them to Clara to celebrate her 12th birthday. I am not much into Harry Potter, but they all loved them. And they were really cute.

Wednesday Visiting

Last Wednesday Jeff & I headed out for a little while. It was Clara’s birthday, so our first stop was dropping off her present at her house. Harry Potter cookies. Her house is Slitherin, so we got her picture holding one of those. She seemed really excited.

From there we headed to Rock Hill, to take supper to Andrew & family. It was supposed to be Jenny’s first day back at work since Andrew broke his hand, and we weren’t sure how him cooking was going to go. As it turned out they let Jenny have the entire week off, but I’d already boiled the eggs to devil them for that many people, so just went ahead and took supper over. Andrew was a little groggy from the pain medicine they’d given him, but not too bad. It was almost the first time we’d really had a chance to visit with them since the pandemic began, so it was a wonderful day in my book – although still so sorry about Andrew’s hand, of course.