Keaton :-)

Last week Amanda brought Keaton by for a visit and to bring us a present. It was SO good to see him, but I did not get a single decent picture of him the entire time. He was bringing our gift up the stairs, when suddenly something behind him was SO much more interesting than we were 🙂

As always, he had a good time playing with my camera, and got all sorts of entertaining pictures 🙂

Porch Visit

Last week Lindee and the girls made another round of porch visits, delivering chocolate chip cookies to us, their other grandparents, Gran and Elise, & Jackson’s grandma. They also delivered brownies to some of Mallory’s friends, but they said they didn’t tarry long at any of those houses. This is so hard on everyone, I know. It was the first time we had seen Mallory’s new permit. She is so excited!

I got this picture before they left.

Views of our yard

Looking off our back deck.  The snow ball bush is from a cutting from Jeff’s folks’ house, and they got it from David’s great-grandmother’s house.  It’s really blooming prettily this year.

And looking at the late blooming azaleas from our front porch…

Murder Mystery Game

When Addie came over to hang out a week or so ago, she brought us this game to play for some entertainment.  It was so much fun – a great way to spend the evening!