Crossing Over Ceremony, Part II

Here is a group shot of the new Boy Scout troops, the ones who crossed over on the bridge (Adam holding the handbook in the middle) and the older boys behind, with Charlie looking to the side behind the candle on the right, and Andrew barely making the picture with the leaders on the far left.

Our scouts. We are so proud!

Adam’s Crossing Over Ceremony

This evening Jeff & I were at Woodland UMC for Adam’s crossing over ceremony, where he moved up to Boy Scouts. He has loved scouting since his first meeting, and of course had attended numerous events with Charlie before that, so scouting is deep in his blood. Before their actual ceremony, there was the Blue and Gold Banquet & the awards for the year. Andrew has been his den leader his entire scouting career, so here he is announcing their awards.

From there we moved to the sanctuary, where they had a beautiful and moving ceremony for the Arrow of Light and crossing over. Here he is having his cub scout insignia removed before he crossed the bridge. So special.


One of Jeff’s friends from high school has a profile picture on facebook posed like this, with the very same Mary Kay cup that Amy gave me years ago. Her birthday was this week, so Jeff has me take a picture of him in this pose to send with his greetings. She got a huge kick out of it 🙂

Breakfast at Hardees

Last Saturday was our monthly food giveaway at church, and Clara and I worked the clothing table, where we had warm clothes to give away to people who were picking up bags of food. Afterwards we went with Evelyn and the two little girls she brings to church, Kammy and Lexus, to eat breakfast. I got this picture of the girls chowing down.

Saturday Pix

Yesterday morning we were in Rock Hill for Charlie & Adam’s basketball games. Sherri was in town visiting Gran, so she came over to watch them, too. I got this picture of Adam inbounding the ball to his lifelong buddy John Harper 🙂

It started snowing like crazy while we were in Rock Hill, and kept it up for several hours. I tried to get a picture of it, which didn’t turn out at all, but here’s the best I could do when I got home 🙂

Quiz Team

Quiz team season is winding down – June just has a couple of more matches – but they are doing really good. I got these last Wednesday. They won by their biggest margin yet, I think – we were proud.