Pirate Puzzle

Jeff & I are now working on our first 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle that we have ever done, but here is a picture of him with the last one we did – the puzzle Addie & family got him for his birthday.  He does love a pirate 🙂

On the Court

This picture is from last Saturday – just now getting it downloaded off my camera.  We watched Charlie play two games and Adam play one, & I got this picture after the final game.

Beautiful Friday

I left early Friday morning to head home from Murfreesboro, so was on the road to drive into this spectacular sunrise. Breathtaking.

And when I got home we had daffodils blooming. Crazy January weather – the lows this week are supposed to get to the low 20’s. Not that excited about those.

At the AirBNB

This week I headed to Murfreesboro for a quick overnight, to spend some time with old friends.  It was so much fun – and I didn’t take a single picture of our time together.  I did get this one, though, of the sweet dog Briscoe who lived at the Airbnb where I stayed 🙂

First Quiz Team Match

Actually, this week was the first one I’d been to – last week I had Keaton so wasn’t able to go. You have to take pictures before the matches begin, which is when I got this one of June and her teammates. Clover ended up winning by about 5 or 6 points. We were proud!

Lindee had told me how much cuter the shirts were this year than the ones they had last year, so I got this picture of Bug modeling hers after their victory 🙂

Frank Vignola’s Hot Guitar Jazz Trio

This was the program this week at the Performing Arts Series at the auditorium here in town. It was phenomenal. I thought about not going – we also had circle that night – but I am so glad I decided to go. Wow. This is one that for sure I am hoping will be back.

New Puzzle

Jeff got me this puzzle for Christmas – perfect considering my recent trip. We had a stretch of bad days, and worked in this past week. So beautiful and surely does bring back some awesome memories.