Carl Sandburg Home, Part 1

Today Mallory, Charlie, Clara, Adam, & I were off on our second Christmas Break Adventure, to visit the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site.  I have been driving past the sign on the interstate for forty years and never been to see it, so today I roped the kids into going with me.  It was […]

Lesley Pearl’s Visit

Yesterday Lesley and Connor were here for supper, and we had a crowd over for supper to spend time with them.  Everyone also got a chance to head to the basement to see Jeff and Mason’s Christmas village. By the time I took this picture half of the people here had left, but it was […]

Christmas Day

On Wednesday we spent our day making our traditional rounds to see what all the grandkids got from Santa. June is a big fan of Moriah Elizabeth, who is a you-tuber who does art projects, etc. She got a blanket from her line of products, as well as some books and art supplies, so she […]

Christmas Eve at Woodland

Christmas Eve we were at church with Andrew and Jenny, as is our tradition, to watch Charlie and Adam perform in the Christmas pageant.  Charlie was King Herod. Adam was the biggest shepherd in this picture that I got of the screen showing them performing.  It was as cute as always.

Final Pix from the museum

The final room at the South Carolina Military Museum was a temporary exhibit dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge, in honor of its 75th anniversary. I have to admit that I knew almost nothing about this battle despite having heard about it my entire life. It really was sort of the beginning of the […]

South Carolina Military Museum

Yesterday Adam, Mason, & I went on our Christmas Break Adventure, to this museum in Columbia. I really had not heard very much about it, but it was pretty amazing. It covered all of the history of military actions in the state and by South Carolinians, and was just so well done. It started with […]

Exams are Over!

Wednesday night when I was working at church cleaning up after supper, they were going to throw away the leftover desserts, but I told them I’d take them. So Thursday when I picked Mallory and her friend Emma up after school – no school for them on Friday since that was the day set aside […]

Christmas Village

Last year Jeff didn’t ever set up the Christmas Village, much to Mason’s dismay. Needless to say this year that could not happen, so Jeff got it all out, and got Mason to come over and spend an afternoon helping him get it all finished up. Mason’s job was all the detail pieces while Jeff […]