Earl Scruggs Center

Back in the spring, our Forever Young group from church visited the Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby, but we didn’t stay long enough for some of us to see everything we wanted to see.  So yesterday Meg, Mike, & I headed back over to finish exploring all of the displays.  I remembered to take just […]

Community Showcase

I have not been on here in a while, because I’m having trouble getting pictures to upload.  This morning I finally thought to try uploading a picture I took with my phone instead of my camera, and it worked perfectly.  The problem with that is that my phone takes absolutely awful pictures.  Ah well.  Last […]

BMX Championships

I am having a terrible time getting pictures to upload to my journal these days, but for some reason this one from Saturday came on with no trouble.  Go figure.  Saturday was the State Championship races for BMX, and both Charlie & Adam competed.  Adam is state champion in the 11-year-old intermediates; Charlie came in […]