Lexington BMX Track

Yesterday afternoon we were at the BMX track in Lexington, a hot, buggy place if ever there was one.  Had a great time, though, cheering our boys on.  Charlie was very proud when we got there to show us his expert jersey he just received that day.  He will also receive a free bicycle from True BMX, his team.  We are proud!

That’s Adam in 3rd place in the main, and that’s how he finished up the day, so he received a trophy.  We were proud!

Narroway Theatre

Last night Charlie and I, along with Meg and Hope, visited Narroway for their dinner theatre performance of “Geronimo.”  Charlie was the only grandchild I had not taken to see this play – and it was the only play they present that I had not seen, either.  It was very good.  This book was how they presented the story of Geronimo – a huge copy of a book that was in the play.  The Indians came out of the opening cut out in front of the map.  And during intermission we got a picture of our group in front of it.  The play (and dinner) were both excellent.


Yesterday Charlie, June, Adam, & Mason were here, and we headed into town to the church to meet Ashley & Stephen Gordan.  The kids ran off some energy playing basketball for about an hour & a half, & then we headed over to get pizza for lunch at Adam’s favorite spot. 

Monday Afternoon

June and Mason were here for the day while Addie & Lee went to get her a new car, and we were so excited to get to see it when we got to their house Monday afternoon.  Beautiful.

After that we headed to Charlotte’s pool.  She and Bob are out of town, but Carin, Aidan, & Brenna were there, and the girls always have so much fun together.  Yesterday was no exception.

Fun Saturday

Yesterday our day started out at Adventure Landing in Gastonia, where June had a couple of friends, along with some cousins and other family members, join her to celebrate her 12th birthday.  Here she is with Lizzie and Carly Jo, while they are getting ready to dig into their pizza for lunch.

Then last night Meg, Lindee, & I went to Harper’s in Pineville to celebrate Queen’s Feast – the restaurant week for the Charlotte area.  We meant to get the waitress to take a picture of all of us before we left, but forgot, so I’m glad I got this picture of my dining companions while we were waiting on our food.  The food was yummy!

Girls in the Sunflowers

This morning Mallory, Clara, & I, along with Meg and Little Hope, headed over to the Draper Wildlife Management Area to check out the sunflower fields we’d heard so much about.  The fields were very much past their prime, but we had a good time visiting and walking.  Here are a couple of pictures of the girls.


Keaton becomes an entirely different child as soon as Clara walks in the door.  He’s always a sweetheart, but he just laughs and is much more animated when she is around :-).  She loves him, too – a LOT!

Junior Golf

Today we went to watch Mallory play golf at Springlake, the club where they are members, so although it’s not her school’s home course, it’s very much the one she is most familiar with.  And we were there to see her make her best score ever on 18 holes – 91.  We were proud.  Here she is with Terren and Catherine, the other girls in the threesome she was playing in.