Mesker Park Zoo

We had a great visit to the Evansville Zoo on Thursday.  They had animals we’d never seen at any other zoo, including this Barasingha.  It looked pretty elk-ish to me, but the sign said that it is one of the few zoos in the country with a breeding program for this particular animal, because the […]

Thursday morning birds

Thursday morning we got up early to head out & meet Arielle & her kids at the zoo in Evansville.  Jeff didn’t get to go with us, since he had to stay at the condo & work on getting a flat tire repaired, but Lindee, Mallory, Clara & I hit the road.  Before we’d gone […]

West Baden Hotel

Wednesday morning Jeff was hanging out with Mark, so Lindee, Mallory, Clara & I headed over to check out the West Baden Hotel.  Even though I’d just seen it a couple of days before with Andrew & Jenny, there are always new detail to discover.  This molding was in between each beam in the arch just […]

33 Brick Street

Andrew, Jenny, & the boys headed out yesterday morning, and Lindee & the girls arrived late afternoon.  After they’d had a little recuperation time, we went to the restaurant in town that Larry Bird owns, 33 Brick Street, for supper.  The food was delicious and the sports memorabilia even better.  We loved checking out the […]

Monday in French Lick

We had a low key day Monday, just checking things out around town here.  We visited the West Baden Hotel, which is about a mile down the road from the French Lick Hotel.  Equally beautiful, although smaller.  This was the lobby – so lovely.  The stained glass in all of the doors and the skylights […]

Final Sunday night pictures

Jeff’s sister Susan and her husband Bobby came over to hang out for a while Sunday night, and it was so good to see them.  Here are the four of us with their hilarious granddaughter Bella. I don’t believe we ever stayed in a condo with a sauna actually in the room before, and Charlie […]

Sunday in French Lick

Sunday evening we were back and in the beautiful pool at the hotel.  Arielle came over and brought Bella, Liam, & Christopher to join us – the first time we’d ever met that sweet Christopher.  Then they stayed and ate tacos with us in the condo.  Such a good time. While we were in the […]